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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What is reality you think you know?

Perception is reality, so could there be alternative realities?

butterfly effect

You’ve heard of the Butterfly Effect I’m sure,  a.k.a., the chaos theory which is the study of mathematics and behavior.  I personally do not like the terms chaios or randomness. I too believe everything is by cause and effect, and a mathematical formula that can also produce multiple answers. There is no chance. That is where I pretty much differ from some schools regarding this topic.

Just like when you throw a stone in a pond, it produces waves in the water. What was the cause of that? The stone? You throwing it? Or what you ate for breakfest? Or what some one said or did to you? There lies the real problem of cause and effect.

The Gnostics poundered on this question and settled the matter that the First Cause created everything in motion and is therefore responcible for all possible reactions. Now one must keep an open mind. Regardless of which “model” they feel more comfortable with. The model with a god or gods, or the model without a god. There still must be “The First Cause”.

Well if the ZFirst Cause is responcible for setting everything in motion, when mathematics is applied we come to realize there can be a infinete number of possible responcess, reactions, or out come. There the Butterfly Effect comes in to play, and you may have watched the movie of the same name. It presents a posiblity that despite everything being already pre-orchestrated and set in motion by the First Cause. There is no denying that there is free will in at least some level of play. After all you can chose between a hot dog or hamgerger. So there is some room for possible alternatives.

We also know that in addition to wheather, other people can have a profound effect on our actions! Thus, even though we believe we made a decession, it was actually based on previous expressions, cause and effect, the Butterfly effect.

We all heard of “alternative universes”, or “parrelle universes”, while it is totally science fiction, al ot of science facts started out that way. And this if true, hlps explain the possibility of multiple realities, infinite possibilities, from some thing as simple as some one saying hello to you to not saying hello to you!

Imagine if you will, you are pressented with at least 2 major directions to go, or three or more! Depending on which direction you took with present a alternative reality. This would also put to rest the age old  parodox problem, what if you could go back in time and change the past? For example, what if you could go back in time and kill your grandfather? This is the popular grandfather parodox. Would you cease to exist if you could do that? Or would it be impossible to do that? Or would you still continie to live in on in a alternative reality?

Notice I prefer the use the tern alternative reality verses parrelle univers. I do so because I believe it is closer to the truth/. And what is the truth? Well in such a scenerio there would be multiple truths.

There is no denying we influence other people and visa versa. To what extent we don’t know. Open for argument is to what extent. Enter the grand old mathematics factor! If you never seen the movie Pi, I highly recommend you do! The lead actor, Max Cohen either a genious or mentally disturbed, what’s the difference right? Is convinced everything boils down to a single mathematical formula! We, the movie may not be so far off. What is missing in it, is the infinite number of possible variations!

So we come back to the question I started with, What is reality, and do you really think you know? Rember the expression perception is reality and the effect it has on all of us?

What if every possible direction we could have taken is already a living reality? What does that say about “free will?” Even the movie The Matrix touched on this when the Architect the system developed a anomolity in it and it was our hero Neo.

Notice that mathematics is mentioned. Watch the video, interesting. Related to our topic here. Neno is an anomoly.  Choses!

It is not my goal here to make any conclusions, but to get you thinking! The question again is, What is reality, and do you really think you know?

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