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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Anorexic Takes Up Baking to Gain Control Over Food

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Camilla Kuhns of Kirkland, Wash., makes the best cookies in the world. Ask anyone but her.

Kuhns is a 29-year-old anorexic with a penchant for baking. She has never tasted one of her own confections. Her younger brother, Seth, samples dough and final products to let her know if anything is off, and her mother, Ilene, tastes the frosting.

"Yeah, my mom's my angel when it comes to the frosting," Kuhns told ABC News Seattle affiliate KOMO-TV right before she entered an inpatient treatment program for her eating disorder two weeks ago. "I don't know what it is, but it makes me very anxious."

On her blog, Kuhns said she is 5'8" and weighs 104 pounds with her shoes and clothes on and while holding her purse. She baked challah breads, cakes and pastries for others to enjoy while her own daily intake amounted to a head of cauliflower with hot sauce and a tablespoon of nuts. To ensure she burned off every single calorie consumed, she exercised for three to four hours a day.

Her best friend, Amber "Nic" Poppe, said that Kuhns has suffered from various eating disorders since she was 11. Both her anorexia and the baking escalated recently after a tough year that included the death of a friend and a messy divorce.

"Baking became therapeutic for her. I know it sounds strange but it seems like her way of overcoming her issues with food," Poppe said.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Christina Aguilera No Underwear!

I don’t like to wear underwear. I like to be as free as possible at all times. It’s just who I am. It’s empowering. It’s pussy power!

Kris Jenner Nip-Slip In Her Wonder Woman Costume

Katy Perry And John Mayer Dressed Up For Halloween

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Obama!

What can you get the President of the United States for his birthday? I know, a sexy blonde singing happy birthday!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Last chance to see 'hole in the sun' for 105 years!


Maybe you'll be here in 105 years. If so, good for you. And go buy some real estate.

However, for the rest of us, this Tuesday will present a chance to see something that will never happen again in our lifetime. And possibly your children's. Though actually seeing it is going to require some extra protection.

It's called the "Transit of Venus," an extremely rare astronomical event in which Venus passes between the earth and the sun at just the exact right angle so that the planet is silhouetted against the solar disk -- like someone punched a hole in the sun. As the day goes on, the tiny black dot that's our solar system's second planet will traverse the sun in an arch.

And then it won't happen again until 2117. And if you're thinking, "That sounds like something we should commemorate!" well here you go: T-shirts are already available!

The Transit of Venus occurs four times every 243 years. The last one was in 2004, but Tuesday's will be the final transit of the century. In fact, Halley's Comet will be back before Venus criss-crosses the sun again.

More than just an awesome spectacle, the transit of Venus has also played a significant role in nothing less than helping determine the size of our solar system. During the pair of transits which occurred in 1761 and 1769, scientists dispatched around the world to record the event from observatories and living room telescopes in locations including France, Austria, Tahiti, America and Siberia.

They each timed the duration of the transit from their vantage points to help calculate the distance from the earth to the sun. Turns out many of their observations were flawed due to a phenomenon called "the black drop effect," (and some poor fellow also spent eight years trying to observe the thing and lost his wife and was presumed dead in the process) but the research laid the groundwork for learning the scale of the solar system.

The full duration of Venus' trip across the sun is about six hours and you can to check your local viewing times.

The same site also has some very handy advice on how to avoid destroying your retinas trying to see the thing. It's pretty long and detailed though (sample sentence: "A safe solar filter should transmit less than 0.003% (density ~4.5) of visible light and no more than 0.5% (density ~2.3) of the near-infrared radiation from 780–1400 nm.") so we'll just advise using a pinhole projector or creating a means to view a reflection of the event.

Then jot down your detailed viewing instructions so that your kid's kid can tell their kid how to view the next transit of Venus in 2117. (source)

Bill Clinton Poses With Porn Stars!

And this is suppose to be a shocker?

A photo of Bill Clinton posing with adult film actresses in Monte Carlo, Monaco is circling after one of the stars, Brooklyn Lee, posted the picture on her Twitter page Wednesday.

In the picture, a cheerful Clinton stands flanked by Lee and another porn actress, Tasha Reign, while a third woman, Jennifer Taule, also appears in the photo.

Clinton was in the European country Wednesday at the Hotel de Paris for a gala to benefit the William J. Clinton Foundation and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Clinton's team has not returned a request for comment.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

SNL Season Final 2012 Best Ever!

Absolutely Hands Down The Best Episode of SNL in a very long time! From beginning to end it was a hit! With Mick Jagger as Guest Host and very active thru the whole show. On top of being the greatest SNL episode of at least recent years, it was even greater because of the sentimental element of this was also Kristen Wiig’s last episode!  Plenty of tear jerking going on in this skit where Mick Jagger Plays a school principal and calls Kristen Wiig on stage and announces she is leaving them this summer and then to the music of “She’s a Rainbow” Mick and all the cast members dance with her as she holds back tears!

Not only was the show a smash hit with a great host and legendary Rock Legend, but they also had three really great musical guests and Mick Jagger sand with each of them to Stones classics!

Also appearing musical guests Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, and Jeff Beck.

Well done SNL, about time!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Will Smith smacks reporter -- VIDEO

This video of Will Smith slapping a reporter trying to kiss him on the mouth is being titled “Will Smith Punches Reporter”, “Will Smith Hits Reporter”, etc, but if you watch the vide you will see Will Smith gently slaps a reporter hugging him and kissing him on his cheeks and then tries to plant a kiss on his lips. What are you suppose to do in a situation like that? If you watch you will see first Will pushes him away and then kind of playfully slaps him. Message for gay guys: Not Everyone is going to embrace your gayness!

Watch video for yourself..

Friday, May 18, 2012

Most Controversial Comedy Movies: 'Blazing Saddles,' 'Fritz the Cat' And More

HTRA142 VV250

There's a scene in "The Dictator," Sacha Baron Cohen's latest fish-out-of-water publicity stunt/movie, that shows the film's made-up Middle Eastern character, Admiral General Aladeen, flying in a helicopter over New York City making jokes about 9/11.

Obviously, this is not the first time Cohen's flirted with controversy. Audiences were shocked/entertained/amused by the British comedian's audacious commitment to character in his mockumentary features, "Borat" and "Bruno," where he explored taboo subjects such as racism, religion and sexuality, often holding up a magnifying glass to the average American's discomfort with these issues.

To prep for the incoming water-cooler-conversation regarding "The Dictator," let's take a look at some of cinema's most controversial comedy films.

Watch Slide Show Here!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

SNL Rips Time Magazine's Controversial Breast-Feeding Cover

"Weekend Update" host Seth Meyers laid into Time magazine for its controversial breast-feeding cover on Saturday's "SNL."

Time magazine caused quite the stir last week when the magazine used a cover photograph to accompany a story on attachment parenting that featured a mother breast-feeding her three-year-old son.

Many members of the media reacted to the cover photograph. "View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck said, "if you can spell milk, you shouldn't be breast-feeding," in reaction to the cover.

During his signature "Really!?!" segment, Meyers wondered why Time magazine would select such a controversial cover ahead of Mother's Day.

"Really, Time magazine!?" Meyers asked. "This is the image you went with for Mother's Day? Look, I have nothing against breast-feeding, but there are more appropriate places to breast-feed your kid than the cover of Time magazine."

He added, "Really—this photo doesn't say 'I'm a loving mother feeding my son.' It says 'I'm the crazy queen from Game of Thrones.'"

After mocking the mother and child photographed on the cover, Meyers directed his comments back to the magazine publishers. "And Time," he said, "don't get me wrong. I understand you have to do what it takes to sell magazines and it's a good cover. But if you wanted a great cover, you would have photoshopped out the chair."

Friday, May 11, 2012

18 month toddler removed from plane no-fly list!

 Washington (CNN) -- JetBlue Airways is apologizing for a "computer glitch" it blames for a family being told their 18-month-old daughter was on a government no-fly list.
The parents, who reportedly would not disclose their last names for fear of repercussions, and their infant, identified only as Riyanna, had boarded JetBlue Flight 510 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Newark, New Jersey, on Tuesday evening when they say an airline employee ask them to get off the plane.
"I said, 'For what?'" Riyanna's mother told CNN affiliate WPBF. "He said, 'It is not you or your husband. Your daughter was flagged as no fly.'"

The family is of Middle Eastern descent and the mother wears a headscarf, but they say they are U.S. citizens and have lived in New Jersey all of their lives. The government disputed the airline's initial characterization.
"TSA did not flag this child as being on the no-fly list," Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Sterling Payne told CNN in a statement. "TSA was called to the gate by the airline and after talking to the parents and confirming through our vetting system, TSA determined the airline had mistakenly indicated the child was on a government watch list."

The family declined to continue on the flight, saying they felt humiliated. [full story]

Monday, May 7, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Secret Service Escort Says US Agents 'Showed No Respect

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


May 4, 2012

One of the Colombian escorts at the center of the Secret Service scandal emerged from hiding today, recounting in detail her night in Cartagena with a member of President Obama's protective detail and saying she fears for her safety.

Dania Suarez, a 24-year old dark-haired beauty, appeared on a call-in show carried by Colombia's W Radio and Carocol Television Friday morning, telling callers the agent was "heavily intoxicated" and everything in his luggage and his papers was left open in his room and could have been easily stolen.

Asked if she had been a spy could she have removed the papers, Suarez said, "Absolutely, absolutely."

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys Dies After Cancer Battle

gty beastie boys thg 120504 wblog Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys Dies After Cancer Battle

Credit: Ron Galella/WireImage/Getty Images.

Adam Yauch, part of the groundbreaking hip-hop trio the Beastie Boys, has died, has confirmed. He was 47.

“We at Silva Artist Management are deeply saddened to confirm the passing of our friend and client, Adam Yauch,” the band’s manager, Peter Smith, said in an email statement. “We ask for your patience and understanding as well as respect for the privacy of Adam’s family.”

Yauch, known by the stage name MCA, was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 after doctors discovered a tumor in his salivary gland. He underwent surgery and radiation therapy to treat the disease.

 video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Sheila Marikar

Review: Dreams from My Father by Obama

I am not a fan of Obama as President, though as a person he is a good man. With that in mind let me just say that his book Dreams from my father: A Story of Race and Inheritance is excellent and highly recommended. It was a good read! Regardless what you may think about Mr. Obama as President, you will find this book a good read and one you may not be able to put down so easily!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

'Tanning Mom' Patricia Krentcil Lashes Out - I'm the Victim of a Witch Hunt!


"Tanning Mom" is red hot over accusations that she's a lousy mother for allegedly letting her 5-year-old daughter burn to a fare-thee-well on a tanning bed -- calling her critics "jealous, fat, and ugly."
44-year-old Patricia Krentcil was in Nutley (perfect) New Jersey yesterday on her way to a hair salon when she unloaded and then proclaimed she was a fabulous mother.
Krentcil was arrested last week after a school nurse asked her daughter Anna how she got a sunburn and she replied, "I go tanning with mommy." Krentcil was charged with second-degree child endangerment. She pled "not guilty."

(watch the video at TMZ)

Indie’s Comments: It looks like a witch hunt to me too! It looks like they already burned her too! That's a red rough looking 44 year old lady. BTW I am not fat or jealous, may be ugly tho, so one out of three not bad :)

Ashton Kutcher Brown Face Controversy Continues!


Ashton Kutcher 'Brownface' Controversy: Actor's Parody Dating Ads For Pop Chips Draw Criticism

A new "viral campaign" (read: advertisement) for Pop Chips that features Ashton Kutcher impersonating a "Bollywood producer" who's "looking for the most delicious thing on the planet" has generated a great deal of controversy.

Shortly after the advertisements went online, a number of Twitter users began criticizing the actor and company for using a white actor for the Indian character. Kutcher shakes his head as he speaks and effects a strong accent in the clip. The "brownface" controversy quickly took hold, with prominent Twitter personalities like writer Anil Dash and New York rappers Das Racist (the name existed before their claims) tweeting their disgust with the campaign.

UPDATE: Pop Chips has responded to the criticism with a statement. Via THR:

"The new popchips worldwide dating video and ad campaign featuring four characters was created to provoke a few laughs and was never intended to stereotype or offend anyone. At popchips we embrace all types of shapes, flavors and colors, and appreciate all snackers, no matter their race or ethnicity. We hope people can enjoy this in the spirit it was intended." (HuffPost)

They pulled the video Click Here.

Yup, we are getting waaaay to Politically Correct. There is no out cry when black man play the roles of white women or white men, but better not be white and play any none white roles lmao. Sad actually we got to this point.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paulina Gretzky Instagram Photos


Paulina Gretzky hasn't met a social networking site she can't scandalize.

It wasn't so long ago that the daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky was getting all kinds of flak for photos she had posted to Twitter -- not the least of it may have been from dear old dad.

The Twitter tempest still hasn't cooled completely -- in fact, tributes to her now-deleted photo blast are still going strong.

But the 23-year-old is already off to racier things, this time stirring up all kinds of scandal on Instagram.

The reviews are already in.

"Shocking" and "dirty" declares the Vancouver Sun.

"This gal tumbled down the hotness tree and hit every branch on the way down," rave-- err reports MTV.

See Slide Show At The HuffPost

Monday, April 30, 2012

21 Photos Of Awesome Black Widow Cosplay

Scarlett Johansson fills out her Black Widow costume nicely, but she's not alone. Voluptuous women have been dressing, and baring their cleavage, as the Avenger for years.









Pepsi Pulse Tops Media Pop!


It’s no longer enough to have the coolest TV commercial! That was then, this is NOW!

Now you also need the coolest Social Media presence too! On YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Interactive, LIVE, Meet Pepsi’s new LIVE interactive website that totally takes advantage of the Social Media to the fullest and also being totally cool!

By simply adding #NOW or #LiveforNow or @Pepsi your tweets can end up on Pepsi’s web page. It’s vital, it’s slick, it’s cool, and it’s working FOR NOW!

Ask any Internet Marketer and they will tell you, that’s what it’s all about! Finding what works now! We are looking at the future of advertising. On the Internet which has become the Wild Wild Web!

If you tweet about this don’t forget to add #NOW and or #LiveforNow and be sure to say Indie sent you!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Real life Barbie stirs debate over cosmetic surgery


A recent article about 21-year-old Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova has caused an uproar across the Internet, as people debate whether or not the "real life Barbie" achieved her appearance through cosmetic surgery. It has also stoked a larger debate over whether or not excessive pressure is placed on young women by the media and popular culture to fit within a certain cosmetic mold.

Lukyanova's Tumblr account features some pictures of the model without cosmetics, but in most of the photos she appears to be wearing a lot of makeup. In addition, several readers are questioning whether the photos have been altered, and there's speculation as to whether Lukyanova underwent extensive plastic surgery at such a young age to get her look.

So, are young women really altering their bodies in an attempt to look like Barbie?

Writing for Discovery News, Benjamin Radford says "little research" has actually been done on whether girls actually look up to Barbie as a physical ideal. Radford cites an article from the journal Adolescence, in which authors Tara Kuther and Erin McDonald write that, "the extant literature about Barbie dolls tends to be opinionated and based on essays and popular media articles" rather than actual scientific research and analysis.

In fact, Radford points to a 1995 British study, which found that young girls are actually fond of "torturing" and destroying their Barbie dolls, seeing them as disposable toys rather than a real-life approximation of feminine beauty.


Brutal Review: The Five-Year Engagement


Sorry Jason Segel, but all of your charm -- and you do have a lot of it -- couldn't save you from the critics this week. Segel's latest rom-com "The Five-Year Engagement" has been receiving mixed reviews, but which writer was outright angry by the time the two-and-a-half-hour movie was over? Maybe Segel should have kept that full-frontal scene, after all.

Over in TV land, musical dramas are not faring too well in the critics' eyes. HitFix thought that "Glee" totally missed the mark with its Whitney Houston tribute. Meanwhile, HuffPost's own Chris Rosen can think of a thousand and one things that he'd rather be doing than watch "Smash." So. Many. Eyerolls.

HuffPost Entertainment has rounded up the week's snarkiest reviews just for your enjoyment in this latest installment of our "Week In Ouch" series.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Brazilian ex-prostitute plans suit against U.S. Embassy

Romila Aparacida Ferreira

Brasilia, Brazil (CNN) -- A former prostitute plans to sue the U.S. Embassy in Brazil, alleging that members of its security team in December threw her from a van and ran over her, the woman's attorney said.

Romila Aparacida Ferreira showed CNN photos of injuries she claimed she received in the incident.

"These are the tire marks," she said about one photo. "They run down my side and across my abdomen."

Ferreira claimed she suffered a broken collarbone, three broken ribs and a punctured lung.

The story broke this week, eliciting a comment from visiting U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. The Marines involved were disciplined and are no longer in Brazil, he said.

"They were reduced in rank and they were severely punished for that behavior. I have no tolerance for that kind of conduct, not here or any place in the world," Panetta said.

The incident is the third to come to light this month involving alleged transgressions by U.S. government employees or military personnel.

[CNN Story

"It's a question of honor and reputation. If money will make them suffer and recognize how much pain they've caused, then let it be money."

It’s always funny hearing about honor and reputation in the same sentence with prostitution LOL. -Indie

Quick fix for Hotmail password bug


Microsoft has rushed out a fix for a serious bug in its Hotmail webmail services.

The bug allowed a hacker to reset the password for a Hotmail account, locking out its owner and giving the attacker access to the inbox.

The fix was put together because the bug was starting to be actively exploited online.

One security news site reported that some hackers were offering to hack Hotmail accounts for $20 (£12).

Computer security researchers discovered the vulnerability in early April and told Microsoft about it soon afterwards. The bug revolved around the way Hotmail handles the data that must pass back and forth when a user wants to reset their password.

Details of the bug leaked out and led to attackers trying to find a way round it. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dogfight over Obama's dog-meat-eating childhood joined by White House


This election year could turn in to one ugly dog fight as each party is barking at the other over stuff their leaders have done with dogs! It’s gone totally viral all over the Internet. Romney and his dog and Obama who ate dog as a child!

Proving that election fights can unleash the worst jokes, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday that conservatives gleefully noting that President Barack Obama was fed dog meat as a child in Indonesia were just "trying to get out of the doghouse."

"He keeps up with the news, he may know about it," Carney said noncommittally when asked about the back-and-forth. "I think we're talking to a reference in his book to a period when he was 6 or 7 years old. Making a big deal out of it sounds like somebody who's trying to get out of the doghouse."

The resulting press corps groan conveyed a clear message: For Seamus, Jay.

"Just occurred to me to say that," Carney said. Carney had been asked about an online spat involving top aides to Obama and Mitt Romney—who, in a notorious tale from 1983, put the vacation-bound family's Irish setter, Seamus, in a carrier strapped to the roof of the family station wagon. Seamus ultimately emptied his bowels, the liquid dripping onto the vehicle's windows and forcing Romney to stop to rinse them off.

Democrats (and Gail Collins of the New York Times) delight in telling the story of the 1983 trip, apparently hoping pet-besotted Americans will recoil in horror. Romney's former rival for the party's nomination, Rick Santorum, also played off the story.

Conservatives struck back this week, pulling up an excerpt from Obama's book "Dreams From My Father" in which the future president talks about being fed dog meat as a boy in Indonesia. His take on the taste? "Tough."

Conservative glee spilled over onto Twitter, virtual fur flying as top aides from each campaign barked at each other. (source)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Nicki Minaj Voice In Her Head Told Her To Delete Twitter Account!

Nicki Minaj Says A Voice In Her Head Told Her To Delete Her Twitter Account

nicki minaj london6

Nicki Minaj's millions of fans have been wondering around in shock ever since she deleted her twitter account last weekend. [Click here if you missed that]

The rapper has been in London this week, promoting her sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and she spoke to Graham Norton about her decision to leave one of the biggest social media websites in the word. Details inside

Nicki's interview with Graham Norton will air on Friday but the show did release a few tidbits. Asked about her decision to leave Twitter, Minaj said:

'A voice in my head told me to delete my Twitter and that’s what I did. I had 11 million followers and I hope they will wait for me. I reply all the time and get to know them by name and I have a really personal bond with them… not all 11 million, but at least 10 of them a day.'

Questioned about a possible return to Twitter (she has 30 days before her account will be deactivated for good), Minaj said:

'I don’t know yet, I’m thinking about it. I miss my Barbz (her name for her fans), please bear with me.'
Lol! We all know Nicki will definitely be back within the next 25 days.. [Source]

Why am I not surprised Nicki hears voices in her head? LOL

Bachmann says Obama waving a tar baby

Former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is accusing the nation’s first black president of “waving a tar baby in the air” over his proposed crackdown on oil speculators. On Tuesday, President Barack Obama proposed measures that would give regulators more power to limit manipulation of the oil markets. “We can’t afford a situation where some speculators can reap millions while millions of American families get the short end of the stick,” he told reporters.

During a recent interview with the blog Shark Tank, Bachmann insisted that new legislation wasn’t necessary because Obama “already has the tools and he knows it.”

“So, if there is a problem then president Obama is the problem for failing to utilize these tools that he has,” she continued.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Breaking News: Photos Surface Online of Alleged Hooker!


Here she is ... the 24-year-old Colombian prostitute who took down the Secret Service ... this according to the NY Daily News.
The paper claims the woman is a single mother named Dania ... who argued with a Secret Service agent about the price of sex during an alleged encounter in Cartagena last week.
Dania reportedly claims she demanded $800 for a night of boom boom ... but the agent only wanted to pay $30 ... and a massive argument ensued.
The agents are now under investigation ... and their lives and careers are in shambles ... buuuuuuut she is pretty hot.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

American Legend Dick Clark 82 Dies!

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Broadcast icon Dick Clark, the longtime host of the influential "American Bandstand," has died, publicist Paul Shefrin said. He was 82.

Clark suffered a heart attack while at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica for an outpatient procedure, his publicist said Wednesday. "Attempts to resuscitate were unsuccessful."

The family has not yet decided whether there will be a public memorial service for the multifaceted Clark, although Shefrin said, "There will be no funeral."

Clark suffered what was then described as "a mild stroke" in December 2004, just months after announcing he had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

That stroke forced Clark to cut back on his on-camera work, including giving up the hosting duties for the "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" specials. He returned as a co-host with Ryan Seacrest on December 31, 2005.

Clark anguished each year over whether to continue appearing on the annual show because of limitations on his speech from the stroke, U.S. Rep. David Dreier, a longtime friend, told CNN Wednesday. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rosie O'Donnell Lashes Back At Homophobic Street 'Preacher'

In a clip reportedly filmed at this year's Superbowl but currently making the rounds on the Internet today on sites like Towleroad and Unicorn Booty, Rosie O'Donnell comes face to face with a homophobic street "preacher." The YouTube video, above, shows O'Donnell, whose OWN Network talkshow was recently canceled, being taunted by an unseen street "preacher" who calls her a "lesbian pig" and an "ungodly wicked woman" who is on her "way to hell." O'Donnell, currently engaged to Michelle Rounds, briefly interacts with the individual until he tells her "you need to go home and do the dishes -- that's your job" to which she responds "I'm going to go home and f*** my wife."

Seriously, she should just go home and stay there! - Indie

Monday, April 16, 2012

Trump Throws Romney A Party


Trumps hosting birthday fundraiser for Ann Romney

Washington (CNN) – Her birthday may be Monday, but some of the biggest gifts Ann Romney brings in will come the day after.Mrs. Romney is the guest of honor at a birthday fundraising event Tuesday in New York City for the campaign, hosted by Donald Trump's wife, Melania. Full Post Here

Yea, yea I know, pretty boring, who cares! But man, Trump sure has a HOT wife!


Manic Bitch Barbie Nicki Minaj Goes Ballistic!

nicki-minaj-openwide.jpg zombie-minaj600

This is too funny! It’s always entertaining when “stars” over react because they feel they are God’s gift to the world. It’s even funnier when the stars are really only mediocre at best and have a total melt down. Such as the case when Nicki learned her number one fan site Nicki Daily leaked one of her precious new songs. What did she do over this? Why delete her Twitter account of course and leave her 11 million fans in the dark. What a twit! Hope your new album flops!

Read more here

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Andrea Taylor, Blind Kansas 5-Year-Old, Gets Stolen Therapy Dog Back (VIDEO)

A five-year-old disabled girl is all smiles today after being reunited with her beloved service dog Millie, who was stolen two weeks ago from the girl's home in Hutchinson, Kan., the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Examiner reports.

Millie was found on the front porch at around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday morning and, as soon as she was let indoors, she rushed to the bedside of her owner Andrea Taylor and tried to wake the girl up, according to the site.

"Andrea woke up and come out [sic] to the living room and said, 'There her is. It's my Millie,'" the girl's mother, Lana Taylor, told KSN News Kansas.

Andrea Taylor, who suffers from cerebral palsy and is blind, received Millie in early March and immediately bonded with the dog. Lana Taylor said that for the first time, her daughter was sleeping soundly through the night without crying.

"She wasn't ever going to be a normal child," Lana Taylor told Fox News after the dog was stolen. "When Millie come along she was able to have a little more independence. Outside, she was able to run with her siblings."

Friday, April 13, 2012

zimdecision 2012 - The Daily Show Mocks George Zimmerman's Media Coverage (VIDEO)

After weeks of investigation, protests and media speculation, George Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin on Thursday. If the case wasn't already well-publicized, it's about to be. Since the state of Florida permits cameras in the courtroom, every hearing can potentially be televised.

Foreseeing the media circus to come, Jon Stewart took a few minutes on Thursday night's "Daily Show" to imagine what the next few months are going to be like with his correspondents. (Spoiler alert: they're all going to want to cover it.) He's calling the melee "Zimdecision 2012," and it's already starting.

So if you hadn't been anticipating everyone from CBS to the Lifetime Network to be weighing in on Martin's trial, it's probably best that you gear up now while there's still time to brace yourself.

Watch the video above and then check out this clip from Thursday's episode so you'll be 100% up on your Zimdecision coverage.

My Take: I doubt Zimmerman can get a fair trial, every one has already been manipulated by the media and has their minds made up!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Axl Rose Refuses Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame


Whats Up With Axl Rose?

Well when you can make Slash look like a model citizen you know you have problems. Axl Rose has a lot of problems, a manic depressant and bit of a nut case, he lives in his own private Idaho so to speak. Sorry Axl, there is nothing cool about a crazy person. Love the band Gun’s N Roses, but never liked the personalities all that much.

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has issued a statement in response to Guns N' Roses' frontman Axl Rose's announcement that he intends to refuse to be inducted.
Rose made his decision public via a lengthy letter to a number of media outlets last night (April 11) and made it clear in the letter that he wished to have nothing to do with this Saturday's (April 14) ceremony or the band's induction.

Writing in the letter, Rose said: "I strongly request that I not be inducted in absentia and please know that no one is authorised nor may anyone be permitted to accept any induction for me. Neither former members, label representatives nor the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame should imply whether directly, indirectly or by omission that I am included in any purported induction of "Guns N' Roses". 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blonde Beach Bunny Bikini Babe!

Has nothing to do with nothing but I thought we all might enjoy a beautiful Hot Sexy blonde!

Click Here To View More Hot Pics & Videos!

National Review's John Derbyshire Racist Or Honest?


National Review editor Rich Lowry announced on Saturday that John Derbyshire had been fired in the wake of his column.

A writer for the conservative National Review provoked outrage on Friday after penning a column that warned whites to "avoid large concentrations of blacks."

John Derbyshire's piece, published in Taki's Magazine, is startling from beginning to end. It takes as its inspiration the many articles about "the talk" about dealing with racism that black parents have been having with their children in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting. 

"There is a talk that nonblack Americans have with their kids, too," he writes, before listing some of the advice he gave his children about black people. They include:

    (10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.

    (10b) Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods.

    (10c) If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with blacks on that date (neglect of that one got me the closest I have ever gotten to death by gunshot).

    (10d) Do not attend events likely to draw a lot of blacks.

    (10e) If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.

    (10f) Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.

    (10g) Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white.

    (10h) Do not act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress, e.g., on the highway.

    (10i) If accosted by a strange black in the street, smile and say something polite but keep moving.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Six-year-old trumps reporter in spelling competition


How did this 6-year-old earn her place in the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee? By keeping cool amongst competitors of any age, including one Fox News reporter who found himself another casualty of the youngster’s remarkable mind. After beating out 21 middle school and elementary school opponents in her local town of Dale City, Va., Lori Anne Madison, the youngest contestant in the Prince William County spell-offs, stated she wasn’t threatened by anyone, even those who may have a few years on her.

[Full Story]

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Geraldo Rivera was right about hoodie comment!

s-GERALDO-RIVERA-large I personally support Geraldo Rivera in his “hoodie” comment @GeraldoRivera , he meant well and simply wanted to educate and protect people from the realities of the street world which is different then our comfortable politically correct world we create in our minds!

Geraldo was dead right about the reality of police profiling suspects on how they dress, appear and act. You may not like it, but walking around a gated community late at night with a hoodie on will attract attention and suspicion. It’s a fact not a dig! Why don’t people get that?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama: If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon


Sanford, Florida (CNN) -- President Barack Obama spoke out publicly Friday for the first time on the growing controversy over the shooting of an unarmed African-American teenager in Florida, saying that the incident requires national "soul-searching."

"When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids," Obama told reporters in response to a question. "And I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this and that everybody pulls together -- federal, state and local -- to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened."

Trayvon Martin, 17, died February 26. Police say he was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, Florida, who said he was acting in self-defense. Martin was unarmed, carrying a bag of Skittles candy and an iced tea, according to police.

Although a grand jury is scheduled to convene April 10 to look into the case, authorities have declined to arrest the volunteer, George Zimmerman, sparking a national debate over Florida's "stand your ground" deadly force law amid concerns about racial profiling.  [full story]

I agree with much of what Obama said about this tragic incident, however I’m not so sure his son would look like Trayvon Martin.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who will win the Iowa Caucus Romney or Paul?

Looks like it's a close race between Romney and Paul, but can any one really see Ron Paul getting the Republican nomination and even coming close to beating Obama?

Look I like Ron Paul, but I have to agree he is way out of touch with mainstream Americans! And even worse, has such a small block of true believers and followers it would be a landslide victory for Obama!

Mitt Romney on the other hand, while not the core Republican's first or even second choice, he has much more mainstream appeal and actually has a better chance of defeating Obama then even Newt or any other Republican candidate out there! I think Romney will win the Iowa Caucus, and really needs to win big too! This will put him in a better light for not so convinced Republicans. If on the other hand Ron Paul should manage to win Iowa, that will muddy the waters and just slow the progress down for Romney who will eventually get the nomination any way.

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