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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Racism In Meal Only? Get Real!

Metal Matt-343Recently Metal Sucks author Axl Rosenberg went on a full tangent about Panteria’s lead singer Phil Anselmo making a White Power gesture at the end of their set. Axl the pussy he is got his panties all wet over it. Claiming in any other genere this would not be acceptable. WHat are you fucking blind? You don’t listen to rap? Since when must we judge and critisize artists? Phil Anselmo has just as much right to say White Power on stage as a rapper has to say beat your fucking women and kill cops. Please, don’t talk about injustice or predjuduces. Your a pansie! You can’t handle freedom of speech if it offends you and that’s fine, but to devote so much time and energy to denounce Phil is troubling. You never spoke up when rappers sang about killing whites or cops or beating their women or degrading their women. I suppose there is room for that in your tin foil not metal head. Fuck you you pussy!

I like many other people, black and white, support freedom of speech and the arts and will not permit itdiots such as yourself to dictitate what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. I don’t care of blacks want to shout black power, and I don’t care if whites want to shout white power. Get off your high horse, you aint shit!

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