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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who will win the Iowa Caucus Romney or Paul?

Looks like it's a close race between Romney and Paul, but can any one really see Ron Paul getting the Republican nomination and even coming close to beating Obama?

Look I like Ron Paul, but I have to agree he is way out of touch with mainstream Americans! And even worse, has such a small block of true believers and followers it would be a landslide victory for Obama!

Mitt Romney on the other hand, while not the core Republican's first or even second choice, he has much more mainstream appeal and actually has a better chance of defeating Obama then even Newt or any other Republican candidate out there! I think Romney will win the Iowa Caucus, and really needs to win big too! This will put him in a better light for not so convinced Republicans. If on the other hand Ron Paul should manage to win Iowa, that will muddy the waters and just slow the progress down for Romney who will eventually get the nomination any way.

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