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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Erin Andrews Naked Pics & Peephole Videos!

Fuck the  Erin Andrews civil suit drama case, here’s the pics!

Erin Andrews

Forget the over played media drama surrounding the civil case about her nude pics. Some of you are bored of the media drama and want to see the actual pics right?

Well here are some of them. Warning: they are almost as boring as the civil lawsuite case drama lol.


Here you go!

Erin Andrews2  Erin Andrews3

Erin Andrews4

Oh No! More!

Erin Andrews5   Erin Andrews6

Can you handle more? LOL

Erin Andrews7   Erin Andrews8

Yup here’s the contacts for all of them..

Erin Andrews all

Well now we can clearly see why she feels she is entitled to $75 million in damages for this because of all the pain and suffering it has caused her. Frankly I want to sue too! I want to see her and the photographer! I wouldn’t pay a nickle for any of this!

Now let’s look at actual photos of Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews10   Erin Andrews11     Erin Andrews12   

Well there you go. Hopefully now you can see why she feels she’s worth $75 million! Frankly I feel ripped off too! How about you? Any comments?

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