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Friday, February 4, 2011

Best and Worst Social Networks

The Best Social Networks

1. Twitter
Twitter is my first pick for the Best of the Best because it's simple to use, effective for mass media communications, and is able to sync with other additional social networks easily.

2. Fubar
I have been a long time fan of Fubar which has been around for a long time and has always been the most original social site and also the most entertaining too. I started using Fubar when they were called Cherry something or another, that's how long it's been. They have all the expected features and a bunch more too! They still permit html and linking out, and of course they sync to twitter and Facebook.

3. MyYearBook
Another really cool social not heavy on security but enough to keep things sane. Kind of resembles facebook only with out the facebook obsurdities. You get lots more freedom and the fun factor smokes facehook!

4. Myspace
Myspace started the whole social revolution. At one time they were hands down the best but fell victim to their own paranoia and that was the death of myspace. Over regulation and security brought them down almost over nite! It's nice to see myspace is no longer the tyrant they use to be and now always more freedom then they use to along with many cool features and they do sync with twitter!

The Worst Social Networks

1. Facebook
Face is absolutely the worst social site on the Internet and they achieve this hands down easily! Why any one would waste their time on this terribly designed and run site is beyond me, specially when there are so many other better alternatives out there! You can do what ever you do on facebook and tons more with a higher fun factor on almost any other social site! Go figure!


Tagged has been consistently in the worse social network list from the start. They have always strangled users freedom by banning popular sites such as blogger and many other well known sites and services. They are hands down the most paranoid of all the socials! Their design and features have remained the same over the years and so has it's verry low fun factor. Not only are they the worse, but also enjoy the worlds ugliest design too! At least they have remained consistent over the years! They add a new dimension to HORRIBLE!
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