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Friday, January 15, 2016

#OscarsSoWhite #BasketballSoBlack Big Deal!

Minorities Snubbed Again Or Just The Way It Goes?


Ironically the same people who are claiming discrimination are also saying stuff like this…

"People need to support the awards shows that are supporting the black audience," she said. "You have the BET Awards, you have the NAACP Image Awards, and you have shows like that, which support these artists. As an artist, these are the award shows you show up to."

You can’t make shit up like that it’s for real. So this is the 2nd year in a row no minority won any thing, once again the whinners crawl out of the wood work crying foul! No fair! Racist! Bla bla bla! And then they wonder why no one takes them seriously lol.

Look I’m sorry Beasts of No Nation didn’t win, it was a good movie, yes even a great movie! But many great and good movies don’t win! DO the fucking math you idiots! Most films are starring more white actors, and directors. Of course they will have the advantage. Go make some more fucking movies! Personally, I think it’s a damn shame Samual Jackson never got his dues! He definitely deserves it and is a great actor! I would like to see more black and minority nominations win! But they have to deserve it! I am afraid we will get so politically correct that the Oscars will be forced to award black performers even if it means passing over better. Do we really want that?

There has to be a middle ground here! Each extreme side is full of shit, and middle of the roaders or independent thinkers like me see the bullshit from BOTH sides!

Stop being cry babies! But I agree, Samual Jackson is fucking great!

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