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Monday, January 4, 2016

Saudi-Iran Crisis Why It Matters!

Once Again The USA is On The Wrong Side Of History!

Saudi-Iran Crisis

As usual a rather troubling pattern of the USA we find ourselves having to defend the wrong side! For years every US President has been kissing Saudi ass almost as much as we kiss Isreali ass! Clearly for political reasons. The Saudi’s have oil, so we turn a blind eye to most of thier atrocities and crimes against the people! This time it’s a little harder to do that as the whole world is watching events unfold in Iran, and once again, as in 1974 when the US supported the Shaw of Iran, and they over threw his government, they are once again right to speak out against the Saudi’s recent government execution of a top Shia cleric, Sheik Nimr al-Nimr, as part of a mass execution of 47 people on Jan. 2. The Saudi government claimed the executed individuals were terrorists. Protests began almost immediately in Iran and the Saudi Embassy in Tehran was set on fire. Embassy staff managed to escape unharmed.

We are now once again in the embarrassing position to admit the Saudi’s did wrong. Of course if it was Isreal, we would not have to make any admission as Israel can do no wrong in the eyes of the USA.

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