Buzz Skull . Welcome to the Brutal Buzz, I am IndieVisible and will be your host.

The origin of The Brutal Buzz

Greetings, I am Indievisible, aka Bud Wiser, originator and creator of the now defunct Army of Blogs. From 1998 to 2007 it was a major force for marketers and webmasters and also where the Brutal Buzz was originated and first appeared as a PDF publication under the name of, "The Buzz Report"!

After several years of huge success, my main site continued to get hacked by some one from Saudi Arabia even after switching to more secured servers. I decided to pull the plug on the site. After 3 years of absence I created this blog on Sunday, April 25, 2010. Under the name IndieVisible, tho I still used Bud Wiser for other projects.

This blog, The Brutal Buzz steered away from Internet, Webmaster news and more towards news related topics with opinions and stories. I thought you may be interested in the origin of this project.

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