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Monday, January 26, 2015

Woman’s Vagina Is Used To Make Fleshlights

This Woman’s Vagina Is Used To Make Fleshlights And She Is Totally Totally Cool With That

vagina factory

Meet Eufrat Mai, from the Czech Republic…

Eufrat Mai

Her vagina is used to model a Premium range of Fleshlights.

Vagina girl

She’s clearly overjoyed with the role she’s played in the creation of this product.

Eufrat Mai

This, by the way, is why the Fleshlight is so very pleasurable.

Vagina factory

Here’s the moment when Ms Mai learns the man next to her has had sex with a model of her mimsy.

Vagina tester

Then this other guy gets involved and things start getting truly weird.

feels real

She has so much chill it’s unreal.

Eufrat Mai

It must be pretty weird to be in a room surrounded by thousands of models of your parts.

Vagina inspection

Not to mention people who really care about your bits.

perfect Vagina fleshlight

But no, Ms Mai is just overjoyed to be lending the world a helping hand.

Eufrat Mai

Well done, everyone.!


Eufrat Mai’s vagina Fleshlight is a Premium product offered through the Fleshlight Girls Collection, and is not the Original Fleshlight. An earlier version of this post suggested this might be the case. Huge thanks to the Huffington Post for its diligence in clearing up this confusion.

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