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Saturday, January 31, 2015

American Taliban Getting Ready for 2016 run again!

American Ayatollahs Gear up for 2016 White House Run


Somebody please explain to the religious right that the rest of us have no desire to live our lives in the Theocracy they are trying to impose on us.

There is a reason why we separate religion from  politics! These guys don’t get it! The GOP don’t get it!

The American Taliban is currently lining up the men who would be the Republican nominee for the 2016 Presidential election. Former Arkansas Governor and Faux News propagandist Mike Huckabee is probably the leader of the pack in this field. He is currently using churches to hawk his new book, God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy as he contemplates another run for the White House. Bobby Jindal, the current Governor of Louisiana, is also a darling of the Christian Right. Jindal was born and raised Hindu but converted to Catholicism while in college. Jindal led a rally last weekend at Louisiana State University’s basketball arena calling on America to elect a candidate who will bring a “spiritual revival to fix our country” according to a story by AP writer Bill Barrow. Ted Cruz and his preacher daddy and who knows how many others will be seeking seats in the clown car as the GOP circus begins its next performance. Dr. Ben Carson will likely be along for the ride too.
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