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Monday, January 19, 2015

WATCH: CREEPY Sex Perv Can’t Control Himself, Unloads On Woman

A disgusting degenerate of a man boarded a London area bus late one evening, looking for a perverted good time. He quickly spotted his victim on the near-empty bus, a 23-year-old woman who was sitting alone. Although there were a plethora of other seats for him to occupy, he snuggled up close to his terrified target, before taking her on a violating ride she’ll never forget.

imageAccording to the public transport’s CCTV footage, 49-year-old Samba Joof blocked the woman in her seat so there was no chance for her to escape his grotesque fondling of her. She sat there, horrified, as he stroked her leg and put an arm round her shoulder, then attempted to kiss her, all as though the two were long-lost lovers and not perpetrator and violated victim, as was the case here. Running short on time and having been served a hefty dose of denial for his overbearing advances, Joof gave up, but not before flashing a sick smirk in her direction as he walked off.

According to the Daily Mirror, Joof was arrested after the footage of the April 2014 incident was released, thanks to the help of the public who were able to identify the predator. The attack has earned him a conviction for sexual assault with a 7-month prison sentence suspended for two years, if 80 hours community service are completed, along with satisfying $700 in court costs.

h/t: [Mirror

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