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Sunday, January 18, 2015

[Watch] Father Buries 10-Year-Old Daughter Alive For One Reason

Abul Hussein of Putia village near the India-Bangladesh border was arrested for burying his 10-year-old daughter alive in his backyard while his wife was away from home. NDTV reports that the man wanted to kill his little girl because he hated the fact that she was born a girl.

The girl, named Rukshena, had her hands tied and her mouth taped before being brought out to a pit in the family’s backyard. She was placed in the open grave, and earth was poured over her, filling the pit up to her chest, according to The Times of India.


Fortunately, Hussein’s wife returned home before he could complete the sinister deed. Hussein placed a bamboo drum over the Rukshena’s head, hoping to hide her and finish the burial later. His wife, however, grew suspicious of her daughter’s absence, calling neighbors for assistance. Rukshena was miraculously rescued before the dirt fatally constricted her lungs. As it often happens in India, the community drew together to deliver swift justice before police could arrive, beating the father for abusing the girl. “Abul Hussein was roughed up by the people who rescued the girl from half-buried condition,” said officer Amal Chakraborty. “Considering his week physical condition, the court sent him to Judicial Custody for four days reserving directive on our plea for police-remand.” Hussein has been charged with attempted murder and is set to begin trial on January 20. Along with many Muslim countries, India is seeing a growing number of honor killings by Muslim civilians. Most are committed by the victim’s close relatives who feel dishonored by choices or involuntary occurrences of the deceased. Muslim women and girls are most commonly the victims of honor killings, and may be so for a variety of reasons. From marrying the wrong person to using Western technology to simply being born a female, no woman is safe under Islamic rule.

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