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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Walmart Pervert Gets BUSTED For Violating Unsuspecting Customer


It seems that criminals will go through great lengths to obtain whatever it is they desire, even if that means a complete violation of others. At a Walmart in Apopka, Florida, a man hoping to fulfill his perversions attempted to film up a woman’s skirt in broad daylight unbeknownst to her, but not for long.


The man, James William King, attempted to film up a woman’s skirt using his Samsung Galaxy S II smart phone. Tenicka, the alleged victim, informed police that she had turned around to find King a foot away, positioning his phone in a way to see up her skirt.

Tenicka, who had been shopping with a male family member, informed her companion about the incident after walking away from the predator. When the man confronted him, King refused to show him his cell phone, according to Orlando Sentinel. However, Tenicka’s quick thinking family member calmly took a photo of King’s face and was also able to follow the criminal to his car, where he snapped a photo of the license plate on the pervert’s Volkswagen Jetta.

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The actions of the Tenicka’s bold companion led the police straight to King’s home in Maitland.

Detectives used Walmart’s surveillance video to confirm the woman’s story. When detectives confronted King regarding the video, he admitted that his actions made him look suspicious. However, King tried to explained that “he actually meant to look at a to-do list he had on his cell phone.” According the Mirror, no such list was found when cops investigated King’s phone.


King faces a felony charge of video voyeurism, according to Orlando Sentinel. He has already been released from the Orange County Jail after paying his $1,000 bail.

They say that Walmart attracts peculiar individuals, but criminals who attempt to look up a girl’s skirt are a different breed.

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