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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meet The Real Life Living Barbie Doll!

Valerie Lukyannova

Meet the Real-Life Barbie: Valerie Lukyanaova

She is 27 years old, her real name is Valerie Lukyannova from the Ukraine. SHe’s has become famous and well known worldwide as the “Living Barbie”. Her body and her face resembles the classic Barbie girls’ doll.

Valerie Lukyannova

Before and after shots of what Valerie looked like before her transformation.

Valerie Lukyannova

Valerie is 5’ 7” tall. Her measurements, in inches, are 34.6-18.5-34.6 So how does she compare to the actual Barbie doll? If Barbie were a real person her measurements would be 39-18-33.

Valerie Lukyannova

What does she eat? Well almost nothing! To keep her waist tiny, Valerie lives on strict diets. SHe went on juice only diet for four months to detox before switching to a water diet.

Valerie Lukyannova Valerie Lukyannova

Would you like to see more of Barbie and her friends? Let us know!!!

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