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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Remake Of Hillary Clinton For Prime Time

Hillary Clinton
As you may know, I have not been very kind to Hillary Clinton on my blog as evident from my last story, "The Bitch Is Back". It's not that I am a right winger acting typically bad towards her. Not at all. I am totally Independent and I am a equal opportunity abuser! I supported and was very kind to her husband Bill Clinton. But I could never get behind this crazy lady.

So what's been going on behind the scenes with Hillary Clinton? Damage control. Oh you can bet your ass she will be running in 2016. That's why her handlers are trying to change her persona from a humorless, boring, ugly, often mean spirited grumpy old lady much like Obama once referred to her as "she is likable enough", translation: I can tolerate the bitch but can't stand her. Not every Democrat is in love with her. And most Americans vote by how they feel because are totally clueless to real issues. And Hillary Clinton is not a "feel good" experience at all. So we get to her remake.

Her handlers are trying to get her more ready for prime time, be more humorous and well, less of a bitch. She kind of blew it during the radio interview show "Fresh Air" where she laid a stink bomb on Terry Gross accusing her of treating her unfair. Yes. the closet Sarah Palin in her was exposed. Obviously Hillary is 100% more intelligent then Palin, but they do share the "bitch" factor.

So we see Hillary's handlers scrambling to change her persona and public perception from the Bitch Is Back to Hey, she's likable enough and can even be goofy and funny some times too!

Hillary Clinton
This is going over as well as trying to re-image Mitt Romney in mom jeans!

Mitt Romney

Some thing tells me this is going to be a very boring 2016 Presidential campaign because even the Republicans do not have any one interesting or likable to run in 2016, but at least they will have a endless amount of Hillary material to bombard the public with. In the mean time you can expect more photo's of surfacing of Hillary trying to look more human and likable, and hopefully better interviews and displaying less paranoia and defensiveness. Can she be our next President? Sure she can. She can very well be the first woman President, pity it has to be her that gets that honor because I think she will also tarnish it too. As for the Republicans, they are so divided and have their heads up the Tea Party's ass we won't see any serious offering from them any time soon. So we are stuck with our boring and predictable two party system made up of has been's and wanna-be's lying their asses off.  It will boil down to who sucks less again.

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