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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Online Dating Tips For Everyone Even The Serial Dater!

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Online dating has been around for the past 20 years, but has never been bigger or more popular. In fact we have now got to the point, many people prefer online dating over any other method. Some simply enjoy the sport of it and become addicted to it and start acting like online serial daters! It's not just the men, women too.

To be clear here, there are different types of online dating, with many different types of dating sites from G-rated all the way up to X-rated adults only! There are also different motives employed too. A husband or wife seeking some action on the side secretly. A lonely man or women who are not very good at meeting new people in person can be more relaxed and more themselves online. A man or woman can also be looking for the real thing, the keeper, their future life partner turn to online dating to make sure they have more in common before they meet.

There is also the darker side to online dating. The addiction to sex. For some that's all it is. If you join a adult dating site such as xxxBlackBook where almost anything goes! You will be treated with very explicit photo's and videos from members more then willing to show you what they have or engaged in adult chat. From there if each agree an actual date can proceed, but for many just the online action is enough for them. So there is some thing for everyone.

Imagine having hundreds of beautiful women winking at you, friending you, hitting on you, sending you explicit photos of themselves inviting you to meet them. Talk about a boost in ego, even the most mild mannered person can turn in to a narcissist quickly!

But of course there is also the lighter side too, where couples are genuinely looking for a compatible mate and not rushing in to revealing any thing too personal and certainly no discussion of sex. There are even Christian Dating sites. There truly is some thing for everyone including the gay, lesbian, bisexual or curious too.

One should first test out the waters before jumping in and I have a few suggestions. First don't reveal your true identity online and don't tell people you know which dating site you visit. Just check out the different dating sites see what they have to offer and how they work. Don't make the same mistake that Huffington Post online dating and relationship expert Josh Pompey said on "Good Morning America.". It kind of came back to bite him so hopefully you can see why my advice to keep your personal business private is the best way to approach online dating!

So no matter what your goal is, to find your next mate for life, or bang as many women as you can per week, never brag about it, specially online or on TV! Happy hunting!
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