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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Paul Ryan destroys IRS commissioner John Koskinen Nobody Believes You!

John Koskined Paul Ryan

I gotta hand it to congressman Rep Paul Ryan for really drilling IRS commissioner John Koskineed looking so tough with his smirky smiles. Ryan is correct, nobody believes the IRS lost those emails from a hard drive crash. The IRS expects us to keep tax records for 7 years in case we get audited, but they can't even keep emails for 6 months. - Indie
'I don't believe you! This is incredible!': Republican congressman explodes at IRS commissioner for claiming he has been forthcoming about 'lost' Lois Lerner emails

  • Republican Representatives on the House Ways and Means Committee grilled IRS commissioner John Koskinen during today's hearing 
  • The IRS chief testified that he didn't tell Congress about IRS officials' missing emails and crashed computers sooner because he's not yet certain the emails can't be recovered by other means 
  • 'At this time it is too early to know whether any of the emails have been lost on any of those hard drives,' he said 
  • 'Why should anyone believe you?' Rep. Kevin Brady asked Koskinen during his allotted Q and A period. 'This is the most corrupt and deceitful IRS in the history 'I don't believe you! This is incredible!' Rep. Paul Ryan shouted at him. ''Nobody believes you!' 
A testy exchange between IRS commissioner John Koskinen and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan broke out during a Ways and Means hearing on Friday, with Ryan shouting at the IRS chief at one point, 'I don't believe you! This is incredible!'

The explosive back and forth came after Koskinen testified that emails belonging to Lois Lerner and six other IRS officials were not necessarily 'lost' forever and claims made otherwise by Ways and Means chairman Rep. Dave Camp were 'inaccurate.' 'At this time it is too early to know whether any of the emails have been lost on any of those hard drives,' he said.

Koskinen told committee members that his agency isn't certain yet that it can't retrieve old emails from employees caught up in a scheme to target conservative organizations, which is why he didn't tell Congress that several hard drives containing copies of the emails had crashed until he was about them on Monday.

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