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Friday, April 18, 2014

This Is How Modern Dads Explain NFL Cheerleaders To Their Kids

As told by the dads themselves.

George Rose / Getty Images

As a kid, I declared an intent to become a 49ers cheerleader. I grew up during the Steve Young era, and my dad patiently explained the basics of the game Sunday after Sunday. My grandmother had me in dance classes from the age of three, and watching the women dance along the sideline in scarlet and gold seemed like the ideal intersection of my interests. I never did pursue cheerleading at any level, but I've stood by my Niners Sunday after Sunday. The game has changed slowly but steadily since my childhood days rooting for Jerry Rice and practicing high kicks during commercial breaks. I couldn't help but grow curious: How will the next generation of parents explain NFL cheerleaders to their children?

"He's used to watching baseball, and when he saw the cheerleaders on the sideline he asked who they were and why they were dancing. I didn't have a good reply because the answer is dumb: I told him they cheer for the players and get the crowd into it, which is a lie."

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