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Monday, April 21, 2014

21 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

Ranked from “NBD” to “Gonna Need Therapy.”

Level of wrongness: NBD

Reason for ranking: First, we only say this when our kids are acting like little craps and need an attitude adjustment. More importantly, this lie leads to us giving them a bunch of presents, which rules. When you're older people just lie to you; they never give you a bunch of awesome stuff because of it.

Level of wrongness: Meh.

Reason for ranking: We all know genetics are 95% responsible for how tall we end up being, but milk is good for kids. If this little white lie means they end up with stronger bones and teeth, we shouldn't feel bad.

Level of wrongness: Pfft.

Reason for ranking: What's the big crime here? That we made our kid get more sleep? Puh-lease. Some day they'll dream of getting extra sleep (and that day will be when they have their own kids).

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