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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Bad Tuesday!

Super Tuesday Pretty Much Smashes Any Hope For Real Change!

So Hillary and Donald both win 7 states on Super Yuesday, pretty much making it very difficult for anyone else to defeat them now, and if both win thier parties nomination, as it ooks like it’s going to be, we will then watch a Trump verses Clinton battle for the Presidency.

WHat a horrible choice!  While slightly better then a Bush verses Clinton ballet, nevertheless Trump is everything that is wrong with America, and Clinton,  is one of the most deceitful polititions that ever lived. I predict Trump will actually defeat her as a lot of people just don’t like Hillary, including some Democrats who will probably not be able to get them selves to vote for her and simply not vote.

There would have been Hope, real Hope if Bernie Sanders could have pulled off a greater grab then he did. Now Clinton has a strong momentum and a lot more delegates too! Bernie has become a long shot again. And Clinton could deliver the fatal blow to his comapaign during the next Primary!

So basically our nation is faced with chosing between a narcissist billionair capitolist or a two face lying bitch that can’t be trusted! Wow, aint a two party system just great?

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