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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Protests At Chicago Rally or Riot At Chicago Rally?

Worse case of Peaceful Protest Ever!

First of all, let me remind some of my readers, I am NOT a trump supporter! I support Bernie Sanders! Sanders marched with Martin Luther King Jr., who brought people together for a common cause. Black and white people marched together, peacefully! It’s kind of hard to get mad at a person like Martin Luther King Jr who insisted that his supporters observe all the laws and march peacefully. That’s what made his marches so succesful! But what happen in Chicago was a total embarrassement and nothing short of a riot!

Hate breeds hate, violence breeds violence, and anger breeds more anger. Someone has to rise above those elements to really make a difference. You can’t put out a fire with gasoline! I’m afraid the Chicago “protesters” if that’s what you want to call them, only succeeded in boosting Trump’s support and case and further proving his views are correct! In short, it caused more damage then good!

I would have loved to have seen say 25,000 anti-Trump protesters rally and stay outside the convention center across the street and protest peacefully! That would have sent such a stronger message and made a bigger difference then the embarassing show of thugary that bordered a riot instead of a protest! What happened instead was we seen people stoop to the same level of trump  supporters. This will only further divide and only boost his support!

Chicago FAILED in a major way of making any real difference or showing Trump is wrong. They merely showed Trump supporters and people undecided, that Trump is right. Major Fail!

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