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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bernie Sanders Supporters Very Misunderstood By Clinton Supporters!

Democrats who think Bernie Sander supporters would eventually support Hillary Clinton if she should be nominated, simply do NOT understand most Bernie Sander Supporters at all! In fact are totally cluessless to what is really going on!


Well this meme pretty much sums it up very nicely!

I have read commentaries and opinion stories that suggest that should Hillary win the nomination, she would benefit greatly from the enthusiasm from Bernie Sanders supporters and that would make her a stronger candidate in the fall against the GOP.  You can tell they are either Clinton supporters writing those opinions, or have no clue at all who and what Bernie Sanders stand for or represent! It is wishful thinking on their part to assume Sander’s supporters would suddenly support Hillary who we consider is part of the problem and is about as truthworthy as Trump and Cruz lol.


Bird lands on Sanders Podium

Any hopes or wishful thinking we would suddenly get begind Hillary Clinton who is part of the problem is pure fantasy. By far the majority of Bernie Supporters would not support Hillary. I personally would rather sit out the election or vote for a 3rd party candidate. The Democrats would deserve whatever they get should they nominate Hillary Clinton who many of us despise as much as Cruz and trump! So, Hillay supporters, keep dreaming lmfao!

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