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Sunday, April 20, 2014

These Elaborate Vines Of A Weed-Smoking Cheeseburger Will Make Every Day Feel Like 4/20

Everybody must get stoned — even the cheeseburgers.

Meet 420 Burger, an awesomely bizarre Vine series that follows the mega chill hijinks of a pot-loving sandwich.

Adult Swim video producer Ellen Burke is the brains behind the operation; the 24-year-old started making the videos in February after being inspired by her own drawing of a cheeseburger on a surfboard.

"I really wanted to turn that drawing into a video so I stitched together some felt into a cheeseburger, complete with fake sesame seeds, and started shooting clips," Burke told BuzzFeed.

Popular Viners Nick Gallo and Simply Sylvio encouraged the Brooklyn resident to make the videos a series after her first Vine that featured the burger gettin' blazed.

But the Vines are sometimes a team effort: Guest stars have included her boyfriend as a pizza delivery man and her cat as a chill smoking buddy.

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