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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Sons Of Mexico's Drug Cartel Leaders Are On Twitter And They Have Golden Guns

Pictures of expensive cars, guns, girls, booze, cats — and violence.

Alfred Guzman and Ivan Guzman are the sons of Joaquín (El Chapo) Guzmán Loera — better known as the infamous kingpin of the Sinola cartel, which is North America's post powerful, and feared, organization trafficking drugs and laundering money worldwide. Mexican and U.S. authorities arrested Guzman in February; he had eluded authorities for decades.

Serafin Zambada and Mayito Zambada are the sons of Ismael Zambada Garcia, nicknamed El Mayo, another powerful Mexican drug lord and Sinola cartel leader. El Mayo is considered next in line to run Sinola now that Guzman is in jail.

Interacting with them on Twitter is El Chino Anthrax, one of the cruelest hit men for the New Generation Cartel, which is also involved in widespread drug trafficking and organized crime along Mexico's Pacific Coast.

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