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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scott Snyder Discusses Gotham's Downfall In "Batman: Zero Year"

Batman: Zero Year , which has given us a glimpse into Batman’s chaotic past, will begin it’s dramatic conclusion in Batman #30 , on sale April 16th. Batman writer Scott Snyder sat down to discuss “the craziest stuff ever done in Batman ” and what’s next for the world’s greatest detective.

DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment

"Zero Year" is a bit of a departure from the Batman storyline. Was there a reason you did this story in the main book, rather than its own standalone series? What were some of the challenges in telling this story in the flagship comic?

Scott Snyder: We knew there were risks in taking a full year and doing a story that took place in the past. All of us were terrified about doing the origin in general. It's incredibly intimidating, given how large "Year One" looms for all of us and how favorite that material is.

Ultimately, we just felt if we were going to do it, we wanted to make "Zero Year" really central, and make it as big as we could. We made it take place in the main series so that it felt relevant and felt really grounded in terms of the continuity we were trying to build.

We especially wanted the finale to crescendo to happen during Batman's 75 anniversary. We felt it was a good tribute to the character to have the culmination of the story of his origin happening then.

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