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Friday, April 18, 2014

Make The Ultimate Egg Cream With A Cadbury Creme Egg

This passionate union is the glorious spring drink you didn’t know you needed.


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One is a humble Brooklyn soda fountain classic, struggling to get by in a fast-paced world where people think the combination of milk and seltzer sounds gross. The other is the sweetheart of the Easter candy pantheon, beloved by all, but loyal to none. One (the egg cream is obviously Jewish) celebrates Passover, the other Easter. One is a sweet, fizzy drink in search of understanding and unconditional love; the other a candy with a creamy golden center yearning to be set free. Neither, it must be said, has ever actually contained eggs or cream. And neither felt truly complete until the day that, like two beautiful strangers locking eyes across a crowded room, they realized they were meant to be together.

And so now is the hour for you — yes, you — to unite them in the form of:

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