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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

64 Completely True Facts Only Nerds Will Appreciate

These facts are amazing, uncanny, ultimate, spectacular, friendly neighborhood, and every other adjective that has ever preceded a comic book title.

1. The font Comic Sans is based on Dave Gibbons' lettering in the Watchmen comic books. (He calls the font "dreadful.")

2. Depending on the type, the symbols used to censor words in comic books are called jarns, quips, nittles or grawlixes. Most of the terms have just been lumped under the blanket term, grawlixes.


3. The world's largest comic book collection belongs to the Library of Congress. The currently hold over 100,000 individual issues.

4.Nicolas Coppola took his stage name, Nic Cage, from the Marvel character Luke Cage.

5.Comic book letterers avoid words like "Clint" and "flick" because during printing the letters can run together, making the words look like profanity.


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