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Thursday, April 17, 2014

62 Thoughts You Have Shopping At Forever 21 As An Adult

So. Many. Crop. Tops.

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1) ::walks in, feeling great, music blaring:: Yessss I am gonna walk out of here with SO MANY cool things and only spend, like, $50!

2) Am I too old to wear a "yolo" shirt?

3) Definitely too old for a "let's get cray" muscle tee.

4) Annnd a Hello Kitty crop top.

5) Why are there so many crop tops.

6) Why are there so many tweens in crop tops all around me???

7) Wait a sec. Do kids these days even KNOW who Run-DMC is?!??!!?

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8) Oooh, cute sundress! $15.80! Score.

9) OMG this dress is amazing too!

10) Uhh... $29.80? Nope. What is this, a high-end boutique?

11) Whoa, Forever 21 sells some pretty cute shoes now.

12) Yeah, all this jewelry is gonna rust in, like, a week, but everything's $3.80! ::stocks up on edgy rings::

13) So. Many. Crosses.

14) $8.80 bras?! WHY have I been shopping at Victoria's Secret all this time?!

15) I wonder how long this bra will last before it starts disintegrating.

16) Who cares! $8.80!

17) Why haven't I been buying all my workout clothes here too?

18) And why does everything in here end in 80 cents?

19) Should I just bite the bullet and invest in something a little more expensive from Urban?

20) Nah.

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