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Thursday, April 17, 2014

139 Thoughts Everyone Has On A Contiki Tour

It’s the most fun you can barely remember.

Flickr: dalenapier / Creative Commons

1. Too scared to travel on my own for the first time. Contiki tour it is!

2. Am I a cliché?

3. I'm a cliché.

4. I don't even care.

5. I hope I get a good group.

6. I'm not going to go overboard on the drinking.

7. I'm never going to be able to stick to the luggage limit.

8. What if I hate everyone?

9. What if I have a terrible time?


11. Time to meet the group.

12. Be cool.

13. So I'm checking everyone out but I'm totally being subtle about it.

14. Hey, is that guy checking me out?

15. That girl definitely looked me up and down.

16. OMG they're all Australians.

17. Wait, no, there are two Canadians.

18. Seriously what's with all the Australians.

19. Luggage weigh in uh-oh.

20. 200g under the limit, yessss!

21. So this bus is going to be my home for the next three weeks.

22. I don't want to sit right up the front like a dork.

23. Is the back where all the cool kids go? Is this like high school?

24. Don't get the seat behind the toilet, don't get the seat behind the toilet.

25. OK, two-thirds to the back, this looks good.

26. Everyone is really quiet.

27. Should I talk to someone?

28. I'm going to try to talk to someone.

29. That guy looks nice.

30. Oh God he has his iPod in.

31. Should I interrupt him?

32. Just say hello.

33. That went well.

34. Seriously what is up with all the Australians.

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