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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why I hate Bing Search and wish it would go away for good!

Let me count the ways, there are so many reasons I hate Bing and promise in fact take a oath of death I will NEVER use Bing. In fact I would rather use Yahoo or Ask then Bing! So why do I hate Bing so much and wish they would disappear for good?

Well, never mind that it’s a crappy search engine. What really pisses me off is how it shows up so many times as our default search engine when we never asked for it! It’s packed in so many install downloads it’s darn right shameful they have to resort to such deceptive methods to get any one to use their crappy search engine. And who ends up using it? Besides senior citizens who don’t even notice that Bing hijacked their browser, stupid moms and kids who also don’t know any better. Everyone else removes it just as quickly as it shows it’s ugly pathetic loser face. It’s just a pain in the ass we have to do it so often.

Listen Bing, I’m not the only one who hates you and will NEVER ever use you. There are many of us who sick and tired of your pathetic deceptive practices to get your crappy search engine on our browsers. So stop packing your toolbar in with all those other downloads and installs. The more you do it, the more we will HATE you. Here’s a thought, why not just improve your crappy search engine so people will want to come to you? That’s what made Google #1 for so long.

Please Bing just go away and never come back again! You pathetic loser!

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