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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

84 Thoughts Every Mets Fan Will Have Over The Course Of The Season

As they say in Queens, everything that can go wrong — always goes wrong.


1. I think we're going to surprise a lot of people this year.

2. We might have the most underrated starting pitching staff in baseball.

3. You know, this could be a pretty tough lineup, if either Ike Davis or Lucas Duda produces.

4. I really think we have an outside shot at a Wild Card.

5. If Travis d'Arnaud turns out to be half the player that Buster Posey is I'll be happy.

6. I'll take the strikeouts if Granderson can give us 30 home runs

7. I already miss WFAN.

8. But seriously, what is our radio network now?

9. Maybe Tejada will play with a chip on his shoulder.

10. If everything breaks the right way 90 wins isn't impossible.

11. Bartolo Colon looks great for a 41-year-old.

12. I'll give Terry one more chance.

13. That Ike Davis jersey I got on sale last season is going to be a great investment.

14. You know what, I kinda like this team.

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15. If it wasn't for the bullpen we'd be in first place right now.

16. We should wear those blue jerseys more often.

17. When is the last time we had a decent bullpen?

18. Has anyone figured out what radio station the Mets games are on?

19. David Wright is a really handsome man.

20. Where is my Lastings Milledge t-shirt jersey?

21. I like the scrappiness of this team.

22. I'm proud to root for this team.

23. Jenrry Mejia should never cut his hair.

24. It would be cool to fly into LaGuardia during a game.

25. They could be worse.

26. Okay, d'Arnaud isn't hitting but still calls a great game.

27. I wonder if Gary, Keith and Ron could do a better job coaching this team?

28. It's only May we can turn this around.

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