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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Message to the GOP– Open Your Eyes!


Here is my message to the GOP. Hey guys, I’m a long time Independent. I realize I am way too liberal to ever get any respect from the GOP today. But that’s OK because truth be told I can even be too conservative to be a true liberal too. Though I certainly lean more left. Specially these days and that is all because of the direction the GOP has been going these last couple of decades. You have no moderates left, you chased them out. What you fail to see or understand is Americans love diversity. The Democratic Party is very diverse. They have their liberals, their moderates and their conservatives and they all respect each other! The GOP is not like that at all, though there was a time it was. These days the GOP is all conservative with no room or tolerance for any moderates or liberals.

That is the cause to your failure to attract more younger voters, more minorities or more independent thinkers. You have become a relic from the past as you cling to your right wing extremists. You cater to the religious right. You chase away anyone who dares not to be your brand of conservative. You actually betray your own core beliefs in conservatism. Government has no place to decide what marriage is and who can or can not get married.

But worst yet, you strike me as a very selfish party. No compassion and any compassion shown just seems fake to me. I agree with Obama when you told congress to “stop all the hating”. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even be in the same room with a conservative because all they take about is killing Obama Care, immigration, welfare fraud, and just bending over backwards to support big business. I wish you used just half of that energy and enthusiasm you have defending big business for the working class and the poor!

You are no longer relevant to me and merely a relic from the past. Your heading towards extinction and you can’t even see that! OPEN YOUR EYES! Snap out of your blind partisan madness! Allow some diversity in your party and you may once again become respected.

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