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Thursday, May 1, 2014

You can pay $300 for Camtasia or get Camstudio for free!

There is no question that Camtasia is a more robust and advanced program then CamStudio. It better be for the price difference! CamStudio is absolutely FREE! But did you know that you can do almost everything in CamStudio that Camtasia does. And in fact for most users they will never ever miss the difference.

I highly recommend visiting the CamStudio webpage, it’s a labor of love and contains a no strings attached full version absolutely free download with help videos and a forum!

I truly believe this option is much better then using a cracked version of Camtasia. Heavens know those are easy enough to find but makes you feel dirty lol. By using CamStudio your saying “Fuck You” to a over priced giant and supporting a very worthy free product supported by users all over the world.

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