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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hillary Star of David So What?

Donald Trump Tweets a picture of Hillary With the Star of David And All Hell Breaks Lose!

ABC news and most main media outlets incorrectly attributed the imaage of the Sar of David originanating from a white supremacist site called  /pol/ or Politically Incorrect. While it’s true there are members on it that are white supremacists on it, there are equally amount of pro-Isreal and pro-Hillary members on it too. I suppose any site that allows freedom of speech and permits anyone equal rights is a white supramacist and anti-Semitic site these days lol. Anyone who actually wants to do their own research instead of beiong spoon fed by corporate run lame medai may want to check out the site for themse;ves and see it has a variety of members on it.

Here is the tweet and image that got a lot of people’s panties in a up roar,


This is the before and after images. The first one with the Star of David and after people began complaining, it’s replacement. I personally prefer the original, see below.


Further proof we have become a nation of whinners and overly politically correct afraid to express ourselves without offending someone some where! Well this sort of thing actually has a double edge sword effect to it. Because of all the whinning and complainning about this the website in question has receved an incredible boost of interest. Thanks to lamestream media and all the cry babies!

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