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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sexy selfies lead to break-up of Ukrainian politician's marriage

Alena Politukha Sexy Selfie

Kharkiv politician reportedly leaves wife over her obsession with suggestive social media selfies

A Ukrainian politician has reportedly walked out on his wife over her obsession for posting erotic and revealing 'selfie' portraits online.

According to a report in the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper, Kharkiv politician Aleksandr Politukha has abandoned the family home in east Ukraine and filed for divorce after blonde wife Alyona gained online fame and international attention with her sexy selfies.

Alyona's ample collection of selfie portraits became a social media hit earlier this month after her photos were featured by a number of Ukrainian online news outlets before being picked up internationally.

Alena Politukha

I just have to know, who would dump this babe just for posting selfies? I mean come on, YOU have her all we can do is look lol. What a idiot!

Alena Politukha

Look at that fine ass beautiful long blond hair!

Alena Politukha

This is about as much as she ever showed, what’s the big deal?

Alena Politukha

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