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Friday, March 14, 2014

Lady Gaga And Her Garbage-Bag Outfit Have Something Serious To Say Leads The Daily Links

Plus the best made-entirely-of-garbage-and-towels cosplay ever, tiger triplets on a CUBCAM (!!!), and the top 12 gifts NOT to buy new parents.

Whilst wearing clear garbage bags the day after voluntarily being vomited on during a performance, Lady Gaga gave an intensely serious keynote speech at SXSW. - [Variety]


The absolute best worst cosplay of all time . - [CollegeHumor]


Would you like to see teeny, tiny, Sumatran TIGER TRIPLETS ON A "CUBCAM"!?!?! We can help you with that. - [Discover]


8 shocking things you had no idea are ruining your skin—home remedies for skin issues can hurt your skin if you’re not doing it right! - []

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