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Friday, April 11, 2014

65 Thoughts Everyone Has While Using Netflix

Steamy Romances is a category?

1. Ah, finally a quiet night to watch something from my Netflix queue.

2. Let me just pull up what I have saved and…

3. Wow. I have a lot of stuff on here.

4. When did I add Cheers?

5. And when did I watch four episodes of it?

6. I should probably use this time to watch a classic.

7. Chinatown? Eh, don't know if I want start that right now.

8. Das Boot? Nah, don't really feel like reading subtitles.

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9. I know! A documentary.

10. A documentary on child trafficking? No thanks.

11. How about one where they uncover a grisly murder?

12. Why is every documentary I've added so morbid?

13. Maybe I should just add something new.

14. Let's see what's in New Releases.

15. Wait, what's the difference between New Releases and Recently Added?

16. I'm thinking to hard about this.

17. I'll check New Releases, just to be safe, though.

18. How have I seen every new release already? There has to be something I haven't seen.

19. Apparently not.

20. I haven't seen Blackfish yet.

21. But do I really want to see killer whales being tortured at SeaWorld? No.

22. I'll just check out some other categories.

23. Why do I now have a Steamy Romances category?

24. Oh, yeah. Forgot I watched Cruel Intentions drunk the other night.

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