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Sunday, January 2, 2011

How I Successfully Quit Smoking For Good!

This is a testimonial, not a ad! I have been smoking cigarettes for over 35 years! I tried quitting more times that I can count! The longest I ever was able to stay away from tobacco was 3 months! I finally just gave up and quit quitting until about a year ago when I read about a new product called electronic cigarettes or e-cigs. At first I dismissed this as a toy! After all I have tried every thing on the market to quit smoking! Patches, gum, drugs, counceling and even hypnosis!

But I kept reading and hearing more and more about this new device! I even started seeing people using them! So I finally tried one about a year ago and folks, quitting tobacco has NEVER been so easy! I wish this technology was on the market 20 years ago!

I get all the nicotine I want and crave! I get the throat hit and head rush! I also get to see the "smoke" or vapor when I ex-haul. In short it satisfies my body and mind! It truly satisfies your urge to smoke! Now here is the beauty of e-cigs. You chose the nic level! You can start out high and work your way to zero or you can stay at high like I have done for the past year. No matter how you do it, it is a safer alternative to tobacco smoking because you do not get any of the poisonous gasses that are in a cigarette! No tar either! That means no yellow teeth! No stinky smell or bad breath!

With all the different brands out there and various models to chose from I thought you might like to know which I recommend! I suggest you check out Vapor4Life! They not only have the largest selection of flavors, models and accessories but also have the best prices too!

Basically there are two ways to proceed. You can buy prefilled cartridges which will equal to about $2 per pack, or use liquid juices which will equal to about 50 cents a pack. You will get the same amount of nicotine and you can chose from hundreds of flavors! New ones always added too! There are pros and cons for each method. I prefer using liquid juices only because it's more economical. All you are inhaling is a mist of water and nicotine and what ever flavor you chose. No harmful cancer causing elements!

Do yourself and your family a favor, start the new year off healthier! Quit smoking once and for all! It really does not get any easier then this. Hurry up before the Government gets a hold of this and regulates the crap out of it!
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